I fixed it. ..kinda 😐

Raise your hand if you didn’t comb your hair today 🙌🙌🙌 lol

#primitive #streetvault stay fresh

#primitive #streetvault stay fresh

#primitive #streetvault

i put that ON MAMMAS!

ON MAMAS!!! this that hood shit baybee!

yasss bish remix

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  1. Camera: Nikon D800
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/640th
  4. Focal Length: 320mm

literally walked in to the apt and started putting my bags down when i heard 5-6 shots right in the front smh. ive had a couple near death experiences and im glad they were just that. god got my back…life in the hood. ppl that aint from here think its cute but when this sh** is real its very real nothing to play with. this aint the life u want…who would?…u still mad tho or nah? lol just f*ckin around #blessed

life in the hood

  1. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/100th
  4. Focal Length: 28mm


I thought id give this a chance…I make my money the old fashion way. HARD WORK! been working since i was old enough to get a working permit too. i was born and raised in south central california. i set up this paypal for donations in hopes to kick off my music career. ive always loved music growing up ive sang,rapped and wrote music. only til about 4 years ago i started to record my music and since then ive been in love. what inspired me most to get my music recorded was the passing of my grandmother. I always wanted to make it for her and my family because we come from nothing. Now that she’s gone it just makes me want to push more to take care of my family. i have so much talent and im working on so much music right now **www.youtube.com/realdasavage** i have 1 ”problem” in the way of making my dreams come true and putting my music out there for the world…my job! i know it sounds ridiculous but let me explain…
i grew up with my grandmother all my life. when i got the news she was sick and dying of breast cancer it hit me hard. harder than i even knew myself. before i knew it i was hanging with the wrong people and doing things that werent me. this lead up to my 1st and only arrest shortly after. because of that arrest i now have 2 felonies on my record. having a criminal record u can basically kiss your life goodbye. no 1 wants to hire you!!! i gave up so many times after going on many interviews and having them love me but once the record shows up i never hear a word. lot of ppl told me they’d help me and guaranteed me jobs but none of them fell through. with that being said having a record and finding a job 99% of the time its going to be a sucky job lol. i have a very hard labor job and honestly im so grateful i cant even complain about that but what i AM going to complain about is all my time it takes. with all the time it takes i cant get into the studio. all im asking is for ANY DONATION to help me kick off my music and get my ass to work in the STUDIO and not my actual job. I just want to make my music and share it with the world and OWN IT! this is my story in a kinda big nutshell. please feel free to ask my any questions. spread the word please and ANY donation helps. thank you for your time…i believe in FUCKING miracles lets rock this shit and tell my job to suck it so i can do my DREAM job. * im not trying to get rich off of these donations i just want to use them in hopes i can work less at my ”job” and more at my DREAM JOB**

Snoop DoggWhat people don’t know is that Tupac really kept me and my wife together. There came a point in time where I just felt like I didn’t need to be in a relationship. It was becoming a headache to me, and all these girls wanted to be with me.  I was like, “F—- that, I can have any bitch that I want.” We was flying back from Belize with a gang of the homies from Death Row. [The homies] was like, “Yeah man, f—- that bitch! My baby momma ain’t sh—.” They was tellin’ me about how their relationships were. Then Pac just was like, “Man, f—- that! That’s your son’s mother. You love her.  She’s the only one that’s gonna love you.” The sh— he was sayin’, it was real. 

It was sounding crazy comin’ from him because he didn’t have no relationship like that. For him to tell me that, the sh— really stuck in my heart. When I got home [me and my son’s mother] pieced it back together. We worked it out and eventually got married. I gave him a lot of credit for that because I didn’t have no direction. I didn’t have nobody to talk to and I was young and I didn’t really know. His advice stood out more than the negative advice did.